Who we are

Omri Lewin

Omri Lewin, Founder and General Manager
Omri is a coffee enthusiast and started to work with coffee in 2009 as a procurement agent. Companies interested in purchasing green bean coffee in India can do so through our service Extra-Mile. He later started the brand CoffeewallA, with the vision of supplying highest quality roasted coffee beans to the market.
email – omri@coffeewalla.com
phone – 9489309523
Ravi Shrivastava, Regional Manager
Ravi has a rich background in varied fields: he is a wildlife enthusiast, a culinary expert, an engineer, and a marketing genius. Ravi is in charge of making CoffeewallA a leading brand in the Indian coffee market.
email – ravi@coffeewalla.com
phone – 9885910035